Sida Cordifolia | Country Mallow

Country Mallow
(Sida cordifolia)

Sida cordifolia is used to treat bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, colds, flu, swine flu, chills, lack of perspiration, headaches, nasal congestion, cough and wheezing, urinary infections, sore mouth, and fluid retention. It is also used for heart disease, stroke, facial paralysis, tissue pain and swelling (inflammation), sciatic nerve pain, insanity, nerve pain, nerve inflammation, ongoing achy joints (chronic rheumatism), and unwanted weight loss.

Sida cordifolia contains ephedrine, which is an amphetamine-like stimulant.

  • In combination with ginger, Sida cordifolia root is used for the type of fever that comes and goes.
  • In combination with milk and sugar, Sida cordifolia root is used for urinary urgency.
  • Sida cordifolia is applied directly to the skin for numbness, nerve pain, muscle cramps, skin disorders, tumors, joint diseases, wounds, ulcers, scorpion sting, snakebite, and as a massage oil.
  • The rejuvenating action of this herb extends to the nervous, circulatory, and urinary systems.
  • The oils are used topically to massage the sore muscles, sore joints in arthritis and rheumatism, in sciatica and neuritis of legs.
  • The leaves can be used as an infusion in treating fevers and delirium.
  • The root of this plant is astringent, diuretic, and tonic.
  • The seeds contain much larger quantities of alkaloids than the leaves and roots and are used as an aphrodisiac.
  • Leads to your brain and heart working more effectively together with enhanced circulation, more relaxed breathing, and even a faster resting heart rate.
  • Helps with improving mental alertness and focus, even making normal activities more pleasurable experiences.

Be careful, because it suppresses the effects of alcohol and you can easily over drink yourself, resulting in alcohol poisoning.

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